Pet Visits & Sitting

Pet Visits
If you are going out for the day and don’t want to worry about leaving your pet at home for a long period of time then we can pop in and check your pets are alright. We can tailor these visits to suit your needs from checking feed and giving your pets some attention to bringing in the mail, closing curtains, turning on/off lights, and taking out rubbish.

Puppy Visits
If you have a new puppy and are out for the day we can pop in and spend 20 - 30 minutes with your puppy, letting them out in the garden, playing with them, giving them cuddles, and feeding them.

Pet Sitting
If you are going on holiday it can be stressful for your pets especially when they are sent a new environment such as a kennels or cattery, so why not let them stay at home and continue their normal routine. We offer house/pet sitting where our sitter will come and stay at your house and look after all your animals while you are away. We stick to your pets daily routine and much as possible and take them for daily walks, give them lots of cuddles and play lots of games.

We now offer a limited house boarding services where your pooch will live in a home from home whilst you are on holiday. Including numerous walks a day and lots of cuddles and treats.

These services are available for all furry pets.

For more information or to book our visit / sitting services please visit the conact us page here.



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